Creating Experiences:
Commercial Booths & Banquettes

At Soft Touch, we redefine comfort in commercial spaces with our exceptional booth and banquette solutions. Crafted for the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants, our extensive selection is your one-stop destination for elevating your venue's atmosphere and making your guests feel right at home.

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We’ll enhance the ambiance and functionality of your hospitality or commercial setting with a diverse range of tables, including laminate, solid wood, live edge, and drop-leaf options. Find the ideal table to seamlessly integrate aesthetics and functionality, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Booths and Banquettes

Booths & Banquettes

We present an extensive selection of booths and banquettes suitable for various commercial settings. From classic high-back booths to contemporary designs and snug banquettes, our in-house craftsmen and designers will tailor booths to your exact specifications. 

Unique Spaces, Unique Solutions

We understand that your commercial setting is unique, just like the people who visit it. That's why our booth and banquette options go beyond the ordinary, offering a diverse range that caters to your individual style and functional needs. Whether you're trying to create a timeless atmosphere with classic high-back booths, a modern look with contemporary designs, or a cozy and comfortable setting, we've got it all.

We deliver tailored solutions that meet your exact requirements. Imagine the perfect booth or banquette for your space – now let us bring that vision to life. Our team of skilled artisans works diligently to ensure that every piece reflects your space’s personality.

Whether you're a diner, nightclub, or part of a larger chain, our diverse selection offers limitless options in fabric, size, color, and material. Collaborate with our skilled craftspeople and designers to ensure a perfect fit. From red vinyl to black fabric, we've got it all. Let us bring your vision to life with our Booth Customization services, meticulously crafted to match your aesthetic and functionality needs.


Soft Touch Difference

What sets Soft Touch apart is our combination of expertise and approachability. We speak the language of furniture, but we're also fluent in your needs. Our professionals are here to guide you through the process, offering insights and recommendations to make your decision-making seamless and enjoyable. Discover the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness as we partner with you to create a lasting impression on your guests.